Summer is the perfect time to treat your feet and show off your fingernails. Colourful nail varnish looks great with sun-kissed skin, and don’t forget your toes, have a pedicure and add some summer colour to your toenails so you’ll look stunning in your sandals!

Fun colours are so in this summer, vibrant shades that are perfect the beach. We take a look at some of the hottest colours for summer 2018


Mojito Green

Imagine yourself sitting on a sun lounger under a palm tree, looking out over the sea, sipping a mojito. A refreshing mojito is a popular treat when the temperatures soar, so how about matching your favourite tipple with Mojito Green nail varnish! This shade is perfect for those who want to make an impression, but are not so keen on the really bright shades such as orange or fuchsia. Mojito Green is both vibrant yet stylish, looking as good by the pool as it does in a sophisticated restaurant.


Bright Orange

2For those who love to stand out from the crowd, bright orange is a must! A popular shade in the 80s it’s great to see the brightest of electric oranges back in fashion. This shade will stand out on even the sunniest of days and it simply shouts ‘summer’! It’ll certainly brighten up your day if you wear this and it’s a great colour for parties too.


Pastel Yellow

The colour of the early morning sun on a summer’s day, pastel yellow is such a versatile shade and lets you add a touch colour without having to go hugely bright. This shade is so on trend at the moment and it’s no surprise as it’s just gorgeous! You can’t help but conjure up images of tropical summers with this pina colada shade of pale yellow.


Sparkly Lilac


Who says sparkly nail varnish should only be worn in winter? This sparkly shade will twinkle as the suns rays bounce off the fine glitter within in. It’ll also give you a touch of glamour in the evening. The shade is subtle, yet beautiful. You’ll enjoy this all summer, and it’ll still look great as we move into autumn.


Dusty Rose

Dusty rose oozes class. It’s such a pretty, feminine shade. Team it up with vintage floral prints and some pretty sandals and you’ll be the belle of the summer ball. It’s a shade that really works for everyone and makes a change from the more usual pink shades we see so often.


Loving these summer shades?

We adore all of these new trendy shades and can’t wait to try them all out over the summer months. Brighten up your fingernails and get yourself holiday ready! So why not treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure to make sure your fingers and toes are gorgeous for summer? Pick your favourite shade and get in touch to book your appointment.

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