laser vs shaving why laser is the best solution for you

When the sun is out, something else comes out too – our legs! It’s time to put on our shorts and sandals and get some sun to our legs that have been hidden away all winter. But there’s one problem with that, you can’t simply neglect shaving your legs any more. They’re going to be on show, so you want them to be smooth and gorgeous don’t you? So it’s time to start shaving them regularly. But, isn’t it time consuming? The sun is shining and shaving is just so boring. Then you find you’ve missed a bit when the sun is glinting off the hairs! So ditch the time wasting shaving and get your legs laser treated instead!


A deeper treatment

When you shave, you’re simply removing the hair at the skin’s surface. So of course it won’t be long before it’s back. With laser hair removal the entire hair follicle is destroyed, preventing it from growing back.


A longer lasting effect

Within a day, shaved hairs can start to grow back. You may need to shave every day. With laser hair removal, even after one treatment, you can have an amazing effect, and after a few sessions, the hairs grow back much more slowly and often don’t ever grow back again. Imagine never having to shave again!


So much easier

Shaving is a pain, especially if you’re trying to remove hair in difficult to reach places such as your back! Laser hair removal can be done on your legs, underarms, back and chest, face and bikini line with ease.


Less irritation

If you find shaving with a razor brings you out in a rash, laser hair removal could well be a better option as it’s far less likely to irritate your skin.


No nick and cuts

When you nick yourself and make yourself bleed while shaving, it’s annoying and can look unsightly. As laser hair treatment doesn’t involve any blades, there’s no chance of cutting the skin.


It’s not as painful as people think

it is not as painful as people think

If you’ve been put off laser hair removal because you think it will hurt, then don’t worry. You may find it slightly uncomfortable but it’s certainly not going to cause you any degree of pain. If you visit the Backstage Beauty Lounge for your hair removal, you’ll benefit from the leading edge technology of the Soprano ICE hair removal system. If you’ve ever had laser treatment before, you may have found that it felt quite hot. With the Soprano ICE system, the treatment is cool and it’s speedy too.


Perfect for people with darker hair

Even the shortest hairs are quite visible if you have brown or black hair. If you shave your body with a razor, you’ll soon have unsightly stubble growing, and those blunt shaved hair ends always look darker and thicker when they regrow. When you remove the entire hair by laser, the hairs don’t grow back appearing thicker, they actually grow back looking finer and more sparse.


Get your legs and body ready for summer

get your legs and body ready for summer

If you’d like to get rid of your time consuming shaving routine and give yourself more free time to enjoy the sun, then why not book into the Backstage Beauty Lounge for hair removal? You can forget about shaving for your summer holiday and you can have those problem areas and tricky to reach parts dealt with easily. Book your appointment now by visiting our Facebook page.

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