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Our feet certainly work hard! They do a great job for us, so why do we tend to neglect them so much? Many of us are on our feet for several hours every day. Feet can get very tired, especially in the hotter weather. The perfect solution is a relaxing foot massage. Not only is it wonderful to sit back and relax and feel the strains of the day disappear, a foot massage is also very good for our health. Read on to discover 7 incredible health benefits of a foot massage


1. It improves the circulation of your blood

In our daily life, many of us simply don’t get enough exercise. If you spend most of your day sat at a desk, or prefer to spend your weekends with your feet up watching television rather than getting out and about for a walk, you may well find that your blood circulation is quite poor. When the muscles of your feet are not used enough, the blood flow in your feet is hindered. Also, if you tend to wear high heeled shoes, or tight shoes, this can have an adverse effect on the flow of blood in your feet. Just ten minutes of foot massage daily can help to get that blood flowing properly again.


2. A foot massage can help you to sleep better

a foot massage can help you to sleep better

The combination of improved circulation and the relaxing feelings of having a foot massage will put you in the perfect state of mind and health to get a good night’s sleep. If you struggle to get to sleep at night, or find yourself waking up regularly throughout the night, try having a foot massage, it could make all the difference.


3. Perfect for alleviating pain

Next time you have mild pain such as a headache, back or neck pain, don’t reach for the painkillers, have a foot massage instead. Most people don’t know that a foot massage can actually help to banish pain!


4. Reduced swelling

Many of us suffer from edema, or swelling of the feet and ankles. Anyone can have this problem, especially in warmer weather, but it’s very common in pregnant women. A foot massage helps to reduce fluid retention in the feet and so alleviates the uncomfortable sensation of edema.


5. Lowered risk of foot problems in the future

lowered risk of foot problems in the future

Look after your feet and they’ll look after you. A regular foot massage can help to protect your feet from problems later. It will keep the muscles in your feet strong and healthy so you’re less likely to suffer from injuries to your feet or ankles.


6. It’s great for your mental well being

We must not forget of course, the great effect that a foot massage can have on our state of mind. Our busy modern lives can be very stressful, and a foot massage can soothe all the stresses and strains of the day away. So when you’ve had a long day at work, the kids are driving you crazy and you’re exhausted, have a foot massage. It will certainly put you in a better frame of mind.


7. Foot massage combats depression

The effects of a foot massage on our mental health goes even further. There are certain pressure points on our feet that when massaged, can actually help to fight depression. It’s certainly a great natural option compared to medication.


An all round benefit to health that’s enjoyable too!

So you see that a foot massage can benefit both your physical health and your mental health. It’s also so relaxing and enjoyable. Why not book in with us for a pedicure? Not only will your feet look beautiful, you’ll also get a wonderful foot massage included! For more information and to book an appointment, visit our Facebook page.

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